A Good Cause – Everyone Should Have One

…and we are no exception.

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What impact does a genuine smile have on those around us? How many others’ lives are touched by it? How far out does the ripple effect go?


When was the last time that you were affected by one yourself, a “genuine, warm, no assumptions, no judgements, I-am-having-an-amazing-day-and-want-you-to-have-one-too” kind of smile,  and how naturally did sharing it become right after it happened?


As an environmentally and socially conscious company, NecessarilyYours looks for ways to improve the circumstances of those with whom we engage. As examples; we source locally, and we donate a portion of our proceeds to reputable charities. Because of this, you will be promoting a positive impact on our world and our fellow humankind each time that you make a purchase here.


We offer access to some of these charities, like Red Cross, because we believe that we are all in this together. We believe that, by donating to reputable charities, we help to impower people to do more for our planet, for our societies, and for those around us.


The people who work with Doctors Without Borders demonstrate this to a great degree. Any time that you purchase from NecessarilyYours, you are also contributing to great causes like Helen Keller International, and that you are helping humanity to sustain this beautiful blue planet through donations to charities like World Resources Institute.


If there is a specific charity that you would like to see us contribute to, let us know and we will give it serious consideration. Each charity name listed here links to that charity’s website. We encourage you to visit one. If you do, please consider a small donation while you are there, because causes like those supported by Earthworks, are are all good ones.


Some support those who are now, or who have sacrificed for our freedoms, by providing assistance to our active military, veterans, and their families and children. Fisher House Foundation, as an example, helps with housing, scholarships, and more. Please, if you have suggestions, we welcome them. Simply reach out to us via our contact form, or send an email to us at support@necessarilyyours.com. We will be happy to hear from you and we will always respond.


As the owner of NecessarilyYours, I am as invested in the success of these charitable efforts as I am in the success of my business. Please accept a 5% discount coupon as a token of my appreciation for the time you spent reading this. Enter CountMeIn at checkout to use it.


Thank  you,

Scott Bailey

Owner & Founder, NecessarilyYours, Intentionally & By Design!